Friday, May 8, 2015

J is for.... JUST IMAGINE ... An Opportunity that doesn't come along every day!

But before we get to that exciting opportunity.... Lady Abeada has a new look!! I am so excited to show it off to you!! She is the result of a collaborative effort between myself and my sweet, dear friend, Val Clifton, of VC Artisan Originals!  That translates to 97% Val for the design, and 3% me for the Color Palette. ;)
Isn't she just gorgeous?? I truly LOVE her!! I think we can all agree that Val is extremely talented and gifted
when it comes to graphics and jewelry, right? Very soon you will begin to see Lady Abeada sporting her new look everywhere, beginning with the blog, and then  Etsy, and new business cards, and so on and so forth!!                                                              
But for NOW.... let's move on to the really EXCITING news of the month......   About three weeks ago, I was approached by Kelly Stevenson, owner of and asked if I would be a part of the design team that he was forming, known as the Back2Bead Glam Squad. Are you kidding me?? What a great opportunity for me!! I didn't even have to think about it... my answer was a resounding YES!! If you don't know who Kelly is you must be living in a cave somewhere, lol .... No, but seriously,  he is the former Manager of York Beads in New York City (which recently closed) and he's been in the bead industry for over 30 years. He recently opened,
which is an online bead store and he is also designing and selling his own beads!! Say "Hello" to our handsome, fearless Leader... Kelly!!

 The Glam Squad consists of two other designers besides myself; Val Clifton and Diane Dennis, two really bad ass designers, in their own right.

Our first assignment was to create new designs around a bead that Kelly developed called; Etch Drums. The Glam Squads coming out party was held this past Monday and we unveiled our first designs as "The Glam Squad" featuring the Etch Drums, yesterday on Face Book. So without further ado.... lol

Meet  "Vixen" ... and her creator and designer.... Val Clifton!!

Meet "Bang a Drum" and her creator and designer.... Diane Dennis!

And last but not least.... Meet Step Stones and her creator and designer... Moi, Twyla Harbick :)

Eventually, there will be patterns available for all three of these designs in our individual Etsy stores; VC Artisan Originals, Diane Dennis Beadwork and Lady Abeada!

Together, we all make up the Back2Bead Glam Squad!! Stay tuned for new beads and new designs!! In the meantime... stop by Back2Bead, check out the site, get yourself some of the new Etch Drums and say "Hi" to Kelly!!


  1. Oh wow, Twy! You honor me. <3 What a fantastic blog post! Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm so happy to be working with you again! <3 <3 <3 ~Val

  2. Val... I am really happy to be working with you again, also! <3 <3 <3 I am happy you liked the post. I just spoke the truth! <3