Friday, November 14, 2014

G is for Guest Blogger-Cynthia Newcomer Daniel!!

Hey Everyone... When I asked Cindy if she would write a guest blog for Lady Abeada Designs  and she said "Yes, she'd be happy to," well, ... I was over the moon as you can imagine!! I left the subject matter to her saying she could write about anything she  wished as long as it had something to do with beading. I am  excited to read what she has prepared for us, as  I am sure you all are, as well. She is one of my favorite designers, and one of the nicest, most generous people I have ever had the pleasure of being associated with.  I know you will all make her feel welcome. Grab a cup of joe or your favorite tea, take a load off and enjoy this wonderful guest post and the incredible work made by my talented, creative friend, Cynthia Newcomer Daniel!!

Once upon a time, there were seed beads, and it was good. We wove them into chains and rings and bracelets; we loved our little beads. And then, we added pearls. And crystals. And gemstones. Our bead cupboards were full, or so we thought.

We had all we needed (except for new colors, we always need new colors), but then, one day, it all changed….
What was your first 2-holed bead? I started with Twins, and quickly moved to Superduos. I couldn’t get enough of them; after my first tube was opened, I knew I needed more. Transparent, Metallic, Magic…I had to have one of each. Then more, and even more.

The designs flowed, and it was wonderful. It wasn’t just a crush; I was in love. Superduos let me do things with seed beads that I’d never imagined doing. They became an important structural element; they took my beadwork to new places that I’d never visited before.
And then, in rapid succession (and in no particular order), I tried Rullas, Tilas, Half-Tilas, Tiles, Peanuts, O Beads, BiBos, Pyramids, Tri-Beads, Silky Beads, Tipps and Chexx. But that’s not all: on my desk, waiting for me to open them, are packages of Dobbles, Pucca Beads, Dome Beads, Dragon Scales, Tulip Petals, and Pellet Beads.
I think I need another cabinet.

I confess; I’m a bead addict, and I love trying new beads. I’m sure there are probably more new beads out there that I haven’t got (yet); every time I see a new one, my imagination is fired up and I want it. I have to have it. I won’t rest until I find a supplier. (Am I the only one who finds this paragraph a bit disturbing? Good thing beads aren’t illegal or immoral; otherwise, I’d be breaking bad.)

I don’t know which of these new beads will stand the test of time; I suspect some will, and some won’t. I hope that my favorites will be around for a long time, but even if they aren't, I will still be glad that I knew them. I think that this is a very exciting time to be a beader; with all of the new beads out there, the design possibilities are endless.

Are you as enamored of the new beads as I am? Or do you wish they’d stop already?


  1. What a fabulous post by one of my favorite designers! What an inspirational collection of designs to drool over! Never having experimented much with the newer bead types - just a wee fling with Tilas and Superduos - I must admit this article makes me want to do some experimenting. Thanks so much to both Twyla and Cindy for an intriguing post!

    1. Thank you Callie! I love Cindy's work too. It makes me want to experiment a bit more also.

  2. I love everything Cynthia makes. Every.single.thing. Always!! And she makes ME want to buy more two hole beads, lol!!

  3. Oh my goodness, Cynthia's work is so gorgeous! I love her pieces that mimic lace! Such elegant work. :)