Thursday, August 23, 2012

What I have been working on....

I have had this ceramic cabochon with this cool little question mark on it for about a year now. I bezel-ed it with a  metallic iris brown delica and for some reason wasn't really happy with how it looked-- So, I stuck it in my UFO box to come back to some other time and haven't thought about it again; until the other day.
This entire project turned into one big experiment for me. I knew that I wanted to do a CRAW rope but I didn't want it to be plain looking-- so I began playing with  different types, sizes and colors of beads. I experimented with 1.5 cubes and 3 different sizes of seed beads. The final combination had a graduated affect and made for interesting little intersections in the rope to catch the eye. 
From there I moved on to the cabochon. My original bezeling was plain looking and boring to me. What to do to make it interesting and get the ? mark to pop a bit? I used size 15's to do a picot that pointed inward and size 11 picasso cornflower on the outer edge. Much better and not so plain looking. Then I wanted to come up with a novel way to create the bail and attach the cabochon to the rope. I used a wooden bead and square stitched the bail around it and used other beads as buffers to attach each piece to the bail. I finished it off with a peyote loop and used another similar colored bead as a toggle. All in all I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out and its one less project cluttering up my UFO box!
Until next time...Bead True to Yourself!


  1. This is a beautiful necklace! The cabochon is lovely, and I especially like the bail you've created. It looks like a really fun piece to wear!