Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What color are you?

If you could be a color, what color would you be? It seems like an innocuous and straight forward question, doesn't it? For some, perhaps it is-- but not so for me! How could I ever pick only one color? Colors hold a total fascination for me. I am drawn to them like a moth is to a flame. I have several that I totally adore and then when you add in the idea of tones and shades; oh my!! Every time I would get close to making a decision, yet another color would pop into my head and I would think, no, I really like that one more. An impossible task! After a couple of hours of painful deliberation that left me feeling like I wanted to stick my head in an oven and bake it for awhile, I finally narrowed the field down to two favs; Purple and Blue. Then it hit me! PERIWINKLE!! Why choose periwinkle? Well, because everyone knows that periwinkle is merely a combination of both purple and blue, and has many shades of loveliness all its own. Below is an Etsy treasury I put together of Periwinkle Pretties! Enjoy!!

Take a few moments to inhale/exhale and notice the subtle shades and tones of each.  Notice how some are more blue and some are more purple, and some maybe you aren't really sure what color dominates. This is the mysterious aura of Periwinkle. Until next time; Bead True to Yourself!